About Us

The site howtostopsnoringaid.com is supposed to be information resource about how to stop snoring with review of available forms of treatments and anti snoring devices like anti snoring chin straps or popular snoring mouthpieces.

The creators of this web page are snorers themselves or their partners are snorers. Most of us has long family history of snoring. And as we were doing research and trying out all available forms of treatment and various anti snoring devices we were publicizing this information in this website.

From our experience the home snoring remedies are really worth trying as being overweight and alcohol are two most common symptoms of snoring. Home treatment can do the job and prevent snoring surgery (any surgery is a risk) or usage of many sometimes quite uncomfortable snoring devices. Al thought if home remedies do not do the job for you these snoring devices are definitely worth trying. They work very individually so no worries if chin strap or snoring pillow do not work, the snoring mouthpiece can do the job for you.

How to Stop Snoring- ApneaThis resource about snoring and snoring treatment is not intended to replace visit to the doctor and we do not take any responsibility for any damages to your health when using listed treatment methods or snoring devices. Yes most of them worked for us but that does not guarantee that they will work for you. So in case you and your partner are suffering from regular snoring make sure to visit your doctor. Snoring can be sign of sleep apnea what is serious condition when left untreated.