Stop Snoring Devices

Anti Snoring DevicesSnoring is a very common problem which many people struggle with. If you snore, the chances are it is disrupting your sleep and the sleep of those people you live with. Not being able to sleep through the night because you have a snoring problem can result in you feeling drained and tired during the day and it can adversely affect your interpersonal relationships. There are some stop snoring devices on the market which many people use. We'll take a look at the most popular anti snoring devices here.

Nasal Strips

Among the most popular stop snoring products are nasal strips. These adhesive strips are designed to be put on the bridge of the nose so that they help to open the nasal passages. This provides a larger airway and facilitates breathing.

Snoring Mouthpiece

Anti Snoring Devices - MouthpieceOther stop snoring devices which help many to stop snoring are mouthpiece devices. These devices are also known as dental appliances or mandibular advancement splits. They consist of pliable plastic and are designed to be worn in the mouth during sleep to prevent the soft tissues in the throat from collapsing and blocking the airway. How these anti snoring devices work is that they bring the lower jaw forward which lifts the soft palate. Some of these mouthpieces also prevent the snorer's tongue from falling back in the throat which helps to keep the airway obstruction-free. A UK-based study which consisted of twenty-five snorers found that the use of these mouthpiece devices helped 84% of the subjects stop snoring with another 76% reporting that they snored less often.

Snoring Chin Straps

Anti Snoring Device - Chin StrapChin straps are stop snoring products which many people have found relief with. This type of device is designed to be strapped across the chin and around the back of the head to contain snoring that is caused by sleeping with the mouth open. These stop snoring devices are typically made of neoprene and they work by forcing the person to breathe through his or her nasal passages and not through the mouth. While the stop snoring chin strap was considered a gimmick when it was first released years ago, it has gained rather widespread acceptance over time as today some sleep clinics and hospitals recommend them to their patients who snore.

Anti Snoring Pillow

Is a stop snoring device designed to help a snoring sufferer to sleep on his side. When snorer sleeps on his back, the airways usually become blocked by tissues located in the neck and throat. Plus tongue also tends to fall into the back of the throat further blocking the airway what is another snoring cause.

Ear Plugs for Snoring

Anti Snoring Devices - MouthpieceWhen no devices or home snoring remedies work the last resort for bed partner of snorer are ear plugs. Ear plugs usually offer protection level of around 35 db what is sufficient for light to moderate snorer. The snore volume is between 50 and 90 db so ear plugs can help only milder snorers.


Again, the importance of preventing snoring cannot be over-emphasized. In addition to disrupting the snorer's sleep, chronic snoring can also cause those people living with the snorer to become upset. Loved ones often lose out on their much needed sleep by being awoken by the buzzsaw-like sounds coming from the person with the snoring problem. And, a snoring problem can lead to very serious and even life-threatening conditions such as strokes and heart attacks if left untreated.

CPAP Devices
CPAP Snoring DevicesOther stop snoring products out there include CPAP devices. CPAP stands for 'continuous positive airway pressure'. As you may know, snoring is caused by a disruption in the air flow which cause your nose and/or throat tissues to vibrate. When this air flow disruption is so bad that you cannot breathe at all for short periods of time, you could very well have what is called obstructive sleep apnea. People with sleep apnea are often prescribed respiration machines which deliver CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure which inflates the throat and keeps the airways free. This type of device consists of a small portable air blower and a mask which is to be worn over the nose while sleeping. The pressure from the blower forces air through the nasal passages to prevent the throat from collapsing while asleep.

Snoring Devices Pros&Cons

snoring mouthpiece
+ very effective, usually problem free return policy
- takes time to get used to, needs maintenance

snoring chin straps
+ affordable, good effectivity, more comfortable than other stop snoring devices
- it must fit exactly to work

anti snoring pillow -

snoring ear plugs
+ reduce snoring up to 35db
- snoring volume can be up to 90+ db, may be uncomfortable