Home Remedies for Snoring

Do you snore? If so, you are undoubtedly losing valuable sleep. And, if you live with someone such as a spouse, that person also is most certainly not getting a good night's sleep. Snoring is very disruptive and it can actually lead to the deterioration of both your health and your valuable interpersonal relationships if left untreated.

Identify Causes

Snoring Home Remedies - Lose WeightIn order to put an end to your snoring or at least to decrease the severity of your snoring, it is essential that you identify what is causing you to snore. If you are overweight your snoring could be caused by the excessive tissue you have in your neck and throat. If you happen to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, this too could be the cause of snoring problem. Be honest with yourself and think about what it is that could be causing you to snore.

How to Stop Snoring Naturally

Once you have a good idea as to what it is that is causing you to snore, you can begin to explore ways to stop snoring naturally. Among the most popular stop snoring home remedy options are exercise and herbs. If you are overweight, you should start eating correctly and exercising regularly so that you drop those extra pounds you are carrying. There are also some facial exercises you could try as well as a few voice exercises which can be used to strengthen your throat and neck muscles.

Home Remedies for SnoringAs far as herbs go, there are some home remedies for snoring out there which have proven helpful for some snorers. Immature  bitter orange for example, has long been used in Asia for snoring. This herb is high in Vitamin C and has some anti-inflammatory properties. This herb also contains synephrine which is a substance which can relieve nasal congestion which can be the cause of snoring.

Among the most popular stop snoring home remedy options is to simply sleep on your side instead of your back. There are special snoring pillows you can buy which help you to avoid sleeping on your back so do explore this option as many people find it a natural cure for snoring. If you are a heavy drinker or take sleep medications regularly, consider changing your lifestyle. Your overall health would improve if you were to limit your alcohol consumption and dependance on strong sleep medicines and you may find that you snore less and sleep better as a result of making a life change for the better.

A lesser known but effective option some people have success with involves putting blocks under the two top feet of the bed. This raises the bed wherein your head will be elevated which can help to reduce snoring. Another lesser known way to stop snoring naturally is to simply not eat or drink anything three to four hours before bedtime. Laying down right after eating can cause acid reflux which can lead to snoring. It also can prove beneficial to avoid eating dairy products before bed as dairy products such as milk cause mucus to form in your nose and throat which can lead to snoring.

Best Home Stop Snoring Methods

Home Remedies for Snoring - Sleeping On SideWhile there are many home remedies for snoring, probably the best way to stop snoring naturally is to lose weight and to limit your consumption of alcohol and/or sleeping medications. Both drinking alcohol and taking sleeping pills cause the muscles in your throat to relax wherein your airways become partially blocked resulting in you snoring. And, simply learning to sleep on your side instead of your back can go far in you seeing the severity of your snoring to decrease. If you suspect that you are allergic to something, your snoring problem could be because of an allergy. In this case, make an appointment with an allergist so that tests can be conducted to pin-point exactly what triggers your reactions.

Snoring Facts

- Usually the more snorer is overweight. the louder will he snore

- health partners of snorers usually improves significantly after the snorer stopped snoring as a result of treatment

- around one third of couples problems within their relationship because of snoring

- because of the differences in neck anatomy more men compared to women suffer from snoring