How to Prevent Snoring

If you snore, you are probably interested in knowing how to prevent snoring because the chances are it is affecting your life and the lives of those people you live with. Snoring prevention is important because snoring is not only annoying, it can also lead to serious health issues if left untreated.


Prevent SnoringIf your snoring is due to the fact that you are overweight, you can help to prevent snoring in the future by eating a consistent, low-calorie diet and partaking in exercise so that you drop those unwanted pounds.

Less Alcohol

If you snore because you drink an excessive amount of alcohol, curbing your alcohol consumption, as one of main snoring causes, can help to prevent snoring. If you cannot resist few shots or beers make sure to drink enough water in order to reduce the alcohol consumption symptoms.

No Sleeping Pills

And, if you regularly take sleeping pills, one way how to prevent snoring is to stop taking these medications as they are known to slow breathing.

Sleeping Position

Prevent SnoringSnoring prevention can also be done through changing how you sleep. Instead of sleeping on your back, switch to sleeping on your side. Some people have been able to prevent snoring from occurring by sewing a pocket into the center of the back of their pajamas tops and slipping a tennis ball into it wherein it is stitched closed. This can help to stop the snorer from rolling over onto his/her back while sleeping. And that is also purpose of anti snoring pillow that helps snorer sleep on his/her side.

Raising Head

Just raising the head of your bed by five or six inches can help to prevent snoring as your tongue will not to prone to falling to the back of your throat and contributing to an obstructed airway. Or you can just use more pillows in order to prevent snoring.

Allergy Treatment

Another way as to how to prevent snoring is to get treatment for any allergy problems you may be having as not being able to breathe properly can result in snoring.

Importance of Snoring Prevention

Prevent SnoringIt is important to do what you can to prevent snoring. Not only will you end up feeling exhausted due to constantly waking yourself up at night, those people who live with you also will be able to obtain good, uninterrupted sleep if you stop snoring. Plus, since snoring can lead to you feeling tired, you will be more prone to catching colds and other viral conditions if you continue to snore. Your body needs adequate sleep in order to maintain a strong immune system.

Try to eat a consistently healthy diet and make a concentrated effort to exercise regularly. A sound mind and body can go far in snoring prevention, especially if you are overweight. If you cannot find out how to prevent snoring on your own by making some changes to your life, schedule an appointment with your family physician so that a diagnosis can be made and a snoring treatment plan devised.

Snoring Prevention facts

- at the beginning of 20th century people were sleeping for around 9 hours per night. At the beginning of 21st century we sleep for around 6-7 hours

- Sleep quality rather than quantity is more of an issue. Poor sleep quality exacerbates poor health

- partners of heavy snorers are reporting that they just have 3-5 hour sleep approximately per night