Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews

Snoring MouthpieceA stop snoring mouthpiece is a stop snoring product many people turn to when they wish to stop snoring.
What is a stop snoring mouthpiece exactly? It is a small plastic device which is worn in the mouth to prevent the tissues in the throat from relaxing or collapsing. When these tissues collapse, the vibrate which causes the sounds associated with snoring. A snore mouthpiece has one job to do and that is to allow air to pass freely through the airways.

One type of anti snoring mouthpiece is designed to prevent the lower jaw from moving backwards which helps to keep air flowing through the airway. Another type is designed to hold the palate in place. There are some anti snoring mouthpieces on the market which serve both functions and others which prevent the tongue from blocking the windpipe. But every anti snoring mouthpiece out there is designed to force the snorer to breathe normally through his/her nose and not solely through the mouth which causes annoying snoring sounds.

Advantages of Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

The advantage of using a mouthpiece is the fact that it is a rather affordable solution to help you stop snoring. By simply inserting a stop snoring mouthpiece before falling asleep can make all the difference in the world to both the snorer and those he or she lives with. Another advantage to a snore mouthpiece is the fact that these devices are readily available as they can be purchased directly from vendors online. A snore mouthpiece makes it very easy to get relief from a snoring problem which has been adversely affecting the life of the snorer as well as the lives of those living with him or her. Being able to get a restful night's sleep through the use of a anti snoring mouthpiece can improve quality of life and ensure that the snorer's immune system stays strong.

Anti Snoring Devices - MouthpieceAn anti snoring mouthpiece does not require a prescription or costly medical appointments. Compared to other stop snoring devices like expensive CPAP machines which blow pressurized air into your airways, a snoring mouthpiece is much more tolerable and comfortable to wear. A clear advantage to the typical stop snoring mouthpiece is the fact that you could very well get immediate results by just using the device for one night. And if you have been snoring for years, you would have to agree that being able to stop snoring immediately sounds very good.

Disadvantages of Snore Mouthpiece

A disadvantage of a snore mouthpiece is the fact that it may take some time to get used to using it. There is no pain associated with wearing a anti snoring mouthpiece but suddenly having to wear something in your mouth could be hard to adjust to. Another potentially negative aspect to wearing an mouthpiece is the fact that you may feel self-conscious wearing one. After all, it is not easy to feel sexy or glamorous when you crawl into bed and have to slip a device into your mouth.

Snoring Mouthpieces Reviews

If you are interested in using a mouthpiece for snoring, it would be advantageous to read some snoring mouthpiece reviews. Here is our contribution we hope that you find our snoring mouthpiece reviews helpful.

Snore Guard

Snoring Mouthpiece - Snore GuardThe Snore Guard is advertised by the manufacturer as being 99% effective in stopping snoring. This mouthpiece for snoring is only available to US patients through dentists. However, if you live elsewhere in the world you can buy it online. Snore guard keeps the jaw and tongue from slipping back so that the airways are open. SnoreGuard is designed to fit on the upper teeth. Snore guard is one of the best anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market as it is very comfortable to wear and deemed effective.


RipSnoreThe Ripsnore mouthpiece for snoring has a proven 98% success rate. This is a CE and FDA approved device which was developed in Australia. Ripsnore is designed to hold the lower jaw slightly forward so that the tongue is not blocking the airway and soft palate. Unlike pre-molded devices, Ripsnore is custom fitted by placing it in hot water and forming it after the snorer's jaw. If a user of Ripsnore does not see an 80-100% reduction in their snoring, the device can be returned for a full refund.


SleepProThe SleepPro stop snoring mouthpiece is often recommended by doctors to their patients who snore. The SleepPro is comfortable to wear, easy to use and can help in the most severe cases of snoring. There are two models available: SleepPro 1 and SleepPro 2. The SleepPro 2 is thinner and more comfortable than the SleepPro 1 and it's made in a lab using a dental impression kit which is sold with the device. Many people swear by the SleepPro stop snoring mouthpiece as it does a good job of keeping the airways clear while sleeping.


If you have a snoring problem and it's disrupting your life and making the lives of those living with you miserable, by all means try a anti snoring mouthpiece. However, keep in mind that prevention is the key to stopping snoring. You should address those issues which may be the snoring cause in the first place as you may not need any device if you make a life change such as losing weight or reducing your alcohol consumption.

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Facts


- very effective compared to other anti snoring products

- all the reputable brands have clear and problem free return policy in case it won't work for you


- takes some time to get use to them

- needs regular maintenances (cleaning and some types of shaping)


type1: prevents the lower jaw from moving backwards

type2: hold the palate in place

type3: combination of first 3 types