What Causes Snoring

What exactly causes snoring can be many things. There are a variety of factors which can lead to snoring such as how the mouth and sinuses are structured, the consumption of alcohol, allergies, having a cold virus in the body and excessive body weight. It is very important to identify the cause in order to seek the appropriate stop snoring aids.


What Causes Snoring - PalateOne of the most common causes of snoring has to do with the anatomy of the snorer's mouth. If a person has a low, thick soft palate or enlarged tonsils or tissues at the back of the throat (adenoids), his or her airway can be narrowed which can result in snoring. And, if the uvula or piece of tissue which hangs from the back of the throat is long, airflow can be disrupted which leads to increased vibration and ensuing snoring.


Another of the main causes why do people snore is being overweight. When you gain weight, you gain it all over your body including on your throat and neck. When you have an excess of tissue in your throat, it can lead to the narrowing of your airway wherein you may snore.


What Causes Snoring - AlcoholExcessive alcohol consumption is another of snoring causes as the alcohol relaxes the muscles in the throat. Having a deviated nasal septum is another common cause of snoring. A deviated septum is a deformity of the wall which separates one nostril with the other which can lead to an airway obstruction and subsequent snoring.

Sleep Appnea

What Causes Snoring - ApneaWhat causes snoring in many people is a condition called sleep apnea. When a person has sleep apnea, he/she may snore loudly, followed by periods of silence in which the breathing stops or nearly stops. With time, the lack of oxygen and increase in carbon dioxide triggers the body to wake up so that the sleep apnea sufferer opens his/her airway with a loud gasp or snort. This pattern can go on all night long. In order to be diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, the periods when one's breathing slows down or stops must occur at a minimum of five times per hour.

Cysts & Tumors

Less common causes of snoring include cysts and tumors which are located in the throat and neck. If you feel anything unfamiliar in your throat or neck while the rate of snoring increased as well visit your doctor to make sure it's nothing serious.

Snoring Consequences

Medical RisksSocially speaking, snoring is very serious. It can make the snorer the subject of disdain and ridicule. Snoring can also cause people around the snorer to suffer through many sleepless nights and periods of extreme restlessness. Snoring is also medically serious as it can deprive the sufferer of rest and sleep. When snoring is at its most severe, it can cause serious, long-term health issues such as strokes and heart failure due to sleep apnea.


Some causes of snoring can be remedied. For instance, if you are snoring because you are overweight, losing that extra weight can result in you stopping snoring. Other snoring causes are not so easy to remedy such as the case where the snorer has an anatomical problem of the neck, jaws or throat. Snoring prevention is on the minds of millions of people around the world - both snorers and those individuals living with them.

Snoring Facts

- three main reasons for snoring problems are being overweight, excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking

- snoring sound volume can be in range from 50dB to 93dB and the loudness is usually associated with level of obesity

- snoring problem can also be hereditary, two thirds of snorers have family link to snoring